My name is Simon and I'm here to help you.

I’m 50 years old, I live in Hampshire and I have three gorgeous boys.

My practical experience

I was co-founder and CEO of a successful financial services company for 16 years.  And guess what was at the core of it all? It’s people. So I’m proud to say I’ve spent my entire professional career growing and nurturing talented people and I love it.

Before that I worked for an investment bank for 11 years in London, New York and Hong Kong.

I have a Law Degree from Newcastle University and am currently studying part time at the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre to become a qualified Mindfulness Teacher.

My intuitive experience  

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first 50 years on this planet and have enjoyed some wonderful times. Yet, like all of us, as an imperfect human being I have evolved through setbacks, failures and hard knocks.

I went through an episode of severe clinical depression seventeen years ago that rocked me to my core and guided me to a better path. A much better path.

Simply put, I’ve walked in your shoes. I will listen intently and with great compassion as we work together to release whatever is in the way of you achieving your lofty ambitions. And I will understand you, deeply.  

I'm also an empath, I’m highly intuitive and am a Reiki Practitioner, qualified to the highest level of Reiki Master Teacher. 

My business coaching

I also coach business owners.